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    Whenever we've moved, we've always done our own unpacking and it usually takes us weeks to get it all completed. In fact, we still have a few boxes in one closest that are still waiting to be opened from our last move. So when a friend said that she'd hired an unpacking service for her last move, I understood perfectly why she did. Within a day her house was completely unpacked and looked like it had been lived in for a lot longer than that.

    What's included in the service?

    Each company is different, so it's best to inquire about their full range of services. Most will include the following:
    ›› Unpacking all boxes.
    ›› Unwrapping items and making a list of anything broken.
    ›› Wiping off shelves. Extra cleaning services may be available.
    ›› Putting all items away.
    ›› Organizing the house from the kitchen drawers and cupboards to the linen closet.
    ›› Set-up all extraneous items, such as the shower curtain, adjusting the clocks to the correct time, spreading the tablecloth, hanging pictures (if previously discussed).
    ›› Assemble all furniture, including beds, desks and tables.
    ›› All clothing unpacked and beds made.
    ›› Removal of all boxes and packing materials.

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    Unpacking Services

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